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Builders’ Quantities

For a limited period, we are able to provide builders’ quantities for projects based on:

  • 0.12% for projects over £10m
  • 0.15% for new build projects between £8m and £10m
  • 0.18% for new build projects between £5m and £8m
  • 0.20% for new build projects between £3m and £5m

Refurbishment projects, those with sectional completion and smaller projects are subject to agreement of a competitive fee.

All values are exclusive of VAT, which will be charged at the prevailing rate

Builders’ quantities can be produced on CATO or excel exported files (or your own bespoke system where possible.)

Builder’s quantities normally excludes both Services and Structural frame; but these can be incorporated at an agreed additional fee, if required

For calculation of fee the gross total value of the project is used. Repeat works can be considered separately for an agreed discount.

The values are based on the estimator providing drawings based on pdf or dwg with a specification provided on word or similar document.

This offer may be withdrawn without notice and is subject to agreement of terms and conditions including duration and phasing of information.

Projects recently completed include New food retail unit with associated external works; new football stadium; university new and refurbishment projects; refurbishment of high quality hotel; new car showroom and sports facility.

Documents can be prepared in Trade or Elemental form.